Kathy Griffin Releases Damning Letter About Andy Cohen ‘Rather Assertively’ Having His Way With A Fling In The ’80s

kathy griffin drops sexual misconduct letter andy cohen

Kathy Griffin has just put Andy Cohen on blast for sexual misconduct.

As you surely know, the two TV personalities have been feuding ever since Anderson Cooper replaced Kathy with Andy for CNN‘s New Year’s Eve Live special. The decision came after the comedienne posed with a faux decapitated head that looked like Donald Trump.

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While the twosome’s feud has consisted mostly of shady shots, Griffin escalated things by sharing a fan’s claim that Cohen “rather assertively had his way with” the man around 30 years ago. The industry vet took to Twitter on Friday and posted:

As you can see from the post (above), Kathy’s tweet is a direct retaliation to Andy’s “I Don’t Know Her” comment from October. Andy really should’ve just admitted that he knew her. Smh.

Anywho, the letter in question was penned by a man named Forrest (Griffin chose to protect the complainant’s anonymity by blacking out his last name). According to the accuser, he met Cohen at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1989 through a mutual friend. Although the sexual experience he had with Andy was an unsavory one, Forrest went along with it since he felt he had “met someone special.”

He wrote to Kathy:

“It was very one-sided, and I was a sensitive idealistic young gay guy who thought, quite mistakenly, of course, that I might have met someone special.

We didn’t talk for more than a few minutes, and suddenly without a word he pushed [me] down on my bed. It was much more gratifying for him than it was for me as the interaction seemed entirely directed toward getting off. Like a spoiled kid with a new toy.”

Ugh. Following the encounter, Forrest felt used as Andy totally ghosted him. He added:

“It was clear to me then that his interest in me was momentary, and I felt used.”

Cohen has yet to respond to this allegation. Nonetheless, we’re certain he’ll weigh in on this damning story sooner rather than later. We mean, how can he not???

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Nov 17, 2017 12:06pm PDT

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