Taylor Swift’s Lawyers Fall Silent Amid First Amendment Feud With ACLU-Defended Blogger Meghan Herning

taylor swift legal team doesnt respond to aclu

Looks like Taylor Swift isn’t planning to wage war against the ACLU!

As we previously reported, the Gorgeous singer’s legal team went after the blog PopFront as they threatened to sue the outlet if they didn’t take down a piece titled Swiftly To The Alt-Right: Taylor Subtly Gets The Lower Case kkk In Formation.

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At the time, Swift’s lawyer William J. Briggs hit the publication with a cease-and-desist letter and dragged the article for being defamatory as it was allegedly “replete with demonstrable and offensive falsehoods.” In response to the reaction from Taylor’s team, the blog post’s author Meghan Herning reached out to the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California.

Understandably, Herning felt her First Amendment rights were being encroached upon. Well it seems as though the ACLU’s involvement in this issue has scared off the blonde chart topper’s attorneys as they’ve yet to receive a response from Camp Swift.

As per the update given on Thursday, the ACLU clapped back at the “meritless legal defamation and copyright threats against” Herning and asked Swift’s legal team to respond by November 13. On the 27-year-old’s lawyers’ recent silence, ACLU attorney Michael Risher noted in a statement:

“The deadline has passed and we have not heard from Ms. Swift or her attorney. Their failure to respond shows that the letter to Ms. Herning was full of empty threats and designed to intimidate.”

Fair point. Although, Taylor may’ve requested her legal team back off as not to distract from her Reputation promo tour.

Nonetheless, the ACLU is concerned Swift’s lackeys may have made similar threats to others in the past. Risher concluded:

“We remain concerned about threat letters of this type that effectively discourage people from seeking the legal advice they need to fight back.”

While Meghan never took the cease-and-desist letter seriously, she wanted to remind journalists that it was important to “stand up for their legal rights.” On her criticisms of the hitmaker, Meghan concluded:

“I get that she isn’t a politician or public figure. She doesn’t need to make political statements, but there are people out there who look on her as an icon, as an Aryan goddess. Then she releases this new song, and alt-right groups are using those lyrics to advance their agenda. In this political light, you would think that, hey, she might want to say something.”

Well said. We applaud Herning’s bravery for standing up for her rights.

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Nov 17, 2017 10:27am PDT

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