Donald Trump Literally Cannot Stop Thinking About Hillary Clinton

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Even though it’s now been MORE THAN A GOD DAMN CALENDAR YEAR since Donald Trump won the election here in the United States, he literally cannot stop thinking about — and tweeting about — Hillary Clinton.

For no good reason, Trump got up super-ass early in the morning today, and used his fat and short fingers to pound out a thoughtless tweet about Hillary just as he’s done so many days over the past year.

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Here is today’s word vomit, all in 140 280 characters… or less (below):


Our expectations are really, really, really low for The Donald anyways, but do you think he might be able to, like, focus on the task at hand for two seconds?

Hillary isn’t going to run in three years, and she has no interest in doing so. But Trump is the leader of the free world now. What if he tried, you know, actually leading???

Just a thought!!!

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Nov 18, 2017 6:44pm PDT

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