ICYMI: Apparently The ‘Tax Cut’ Bill Also Tries To Make Abortion Illegal…

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This “tax cut” bill is looking worse and worse every day…

The GOP is trying hard to jam a bill through the Senate, having already passed it in the House, supposedly all about tax cuts.

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But so far we’ve seen this monstrosity:

– INCREASES taxes on many people who make less than $200,000/year while greatly LOWERING them on billionaires

– REMOVES tax exemptions for teachers, grad students, and the chronically ill while ADDING them for private jets and golf courses

– REMOVES the individual health insurance mandate from Obamacare, something experts agree is just another way to kill it since they can’t repeal it

– is mostly an effort to keep billionaire donors giving money to Republicans (Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Chris Collins have all admitted as much publicly)

But this may be the craziest part yet!

Apparently this bill, which again the Republicans are selling as “tax cuts” — actually has language in it to define an “unborn child” in order to establish “personhood,” something anti-abortion activists have been attempting as a way to get Roe v Wade overturned.

The excuse is to give parents a way to name their future children as beneficiaries on college savings accounts, but that’s something people can already do without this legal language.

Sarah Lipton-Lubet, vice president for reproductive health and rights at the National Partnership for Women and Families, tells Huffington Post what this really is all about:

“The hope is that if they throw enough anti-abortion language at the wall something is going to stick. It’s a dubious strategy. It’s an affront to women.”

Well, attacking, discrediting, and minimizing women is pretty much the GOP’s MO.

This is what’s more important to Donald Trump than whether a Senator is alleged to have molested a 14-year-old.

[Image via CNN.]

Nov 20, 2017 8:54pm PST

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