Megyn Kelly Has Her Own Disappointing Charlie Rose Story Stemming From The Roger Ailes Ousting — WATCH

Megyn Kelly

We gotta give credit where credit is due — Megyn Kelly continues to be a consistent voice in the #MeToo movement with her unwavering call to attention to the sexual harassment allegations that are happening in droves right now.

On her show on Tuesday, the TV anchor responded to the accusations against Charlie Rose with her own disappointing story involving the veteran journalist.

Kelly told the audience that she asked Rose last year to host the first event for her book, Settle for More, which covered her life, career, and lessons learned.

But Rose was caught up on one aspect: Kelly’s accusations against the late Roger Ailes.

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The journalist began:

“This is not a pleasant story for me. Still, I wanted to share a story with you not about harassment, but of an underlying dynamic between men and women that contributes to this culture in which inappropriate conduct goes unaddressed.”

Kelly went on:

“The exchange felt to me like a cross-examine, focused on one issue, the book’s sexual harassment allegations against [former Fox News head] Roger Ailes, allegations Ailes denied but which I know are true because I lived it. I felt defensive in the exchange with Charlie and wound up angry with how he handled my book event. Obviously now his behavior makes more sense.”

Instead of standing up for herself, Kelly admitted she just sent Rose a bottle of wine and a card. Now, she wishes she had done more.

She continued:

“We are in the middle of an empowerment revolution in this country. The only way for women to move forward is to get comfortable throwing some sharp elbows, making waves, and taking risks — and holding the powerful to account.”

Watch her full monologue (below)!

Hear, hear.

As we know now, Charlie has been fired from CBS — which just goes to show the power of these courageous women coming forward.

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Nov 21, 2017 1:13pm PDT

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