Tom Sizemore DENIES Molesting 11-Year-Old Girl On Movie Set

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Tom Sizemore is doing everything he can to clear his name.

As we reported, according to an investigation from The Hollywood Reporter, the actor was kicked off the set of 2003’s Born Killers for allegedly molesting an 11-year-old girl by putting “his finger inside her.”

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In an interview with published on Tuesday, the 55-year-old denies the “disturbing” and “repulsive” allegations against him. He said:

“I never, nor would I ever, sexually touch a child. I have done many things I’m not proud of in this life. However, I did not do this… These allegations are completely untrue and unfounded and I will do everything in my power to clear my name.”

According to a police report obtained by the publication, the case — which was investigated by Salt Lake City officials — was “closed and cleared” due to “witness and evidence problems.” Additionally, the district attorney’s office declined to prosecute.

Despite reports he was removed from the set due to the alleged incident, Sizemore claims he was permitted to return after “the matter was dealt with fully.” He revealed:

“The allegations that I molested an 11-year-old girl are simply false… The day the allegations were raised I was completely in shock, I was devastated to have been accused of something so heinous… I fully cooperated with all involved and as far as I knew the matter was dealt with fully at the time… Reports I was kicked off set are untrue, I stayed on the project until completion. The alleged victim, for whom I feel nothing but compassion, also finished the film.”

Even with the controversy, the Saving Private Ryan star refuses to let this scandal affect his acting career, which he has worked so hard to resuscitate.

“I have set the record straight and have worked too hard to get myself clean and get back to doing what I love most — acting and making movies — to let this drag me down.”

The alleged victim — who is now 26 — may pursue legal action against the thespian.

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Nov 21, 2017 4:57pm PDT

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