Donald Trump SLAMS ‘Poor Man├óΓé¼Γäós Version Of Don King’ AKA LaVar Ball In Another Rant Against Him — Along With More Commentary About The NFL!

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If Donald Trump doesn’t get the credit he thinks he deserves, he’ll have to resort to trash talk and vaguely racist name calling.

That’s just what the president did on Wednesday morning with a hot take on multiple sports scandals — which included calling basketball patriarch LaVar Ball “a poor man’s Don King.”

The Twitter attack came as the two continued to quarrel over POTUS’s role in securing the release of one of Ball’s three sons after he was detained in China.

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Ball hilariously rebuffed Trump’s demands for credit in releasing the UCLA basketball player, who was held for shoplifting while on a tour of the nation, saying it was Chinese President Xi Jinping who freed his son.

Needless to say, Trump was pissed the sports personality refused to name the almighty POTUS as his son’s savior (can we call it a mutiny?) so he launched a full court press on the “ungrateful fool,” writing on Twitter:

Said the dumb man’s version of Adolf Hitler.

The comparison to Don King is especially puzzling, as the Republican boxing promoter and basketball dad have nothing in common aside from the color of their skin. Sadly, it’s not a comparison we’re surprised he made.

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Though Trump wasn’t done with his sports-themed rant yet. Shortly after, he bashed a plan that would reportedly keep NFL teams in the locker room during the national anthem to prevent kneeling protests.

POTUS, an avid fan of locker rooms and the talk that goes on in them, wasn’t a fan of this reported solution. In fact, he said keeping players off the field for the anthem would almost be as bad as letting those ungrateful fools kneel:

Thanks for the unsolicited feedback, Trump. Now go back to endorsing pedophiles for the Senate race.

[Image via ESPN/CNN.]

Nov 22, 2017 10:42am PDT

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