Russell Simmons Pens Response To Sexual Assault Allegations — ‘I Never Committed Any Acts Of Aggression Or Violence In My Life’

Russel Simmons

Russell Simmons is standing by his claim that his sexual relationship with Keri Claussen Khalighi back in 1991 was consensual.

In a letter posted on The Hollywood Reporter, the 60-year-old refuted the allegations reiterated today on Megyn Kelly TODAY by the former model.

The music mogul said that although he believes the majority of the women coming forward in the #MeToo movement are “true and dignified,” these have been “cast in a light away from the actual facts.”

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He wrote:

“In my case, three witnesses [Anthony McNair and two anonymous witnesses] have signed statements that our experiences that weekend with Keri Claussen Khalighi 26 years ago were consensual. My longtime loathing of any form of violence and abuse has been woven into all of my personal interactions, as most who know me will attest.”

The celeb went on to deny that he ever apologized to Keri for assaulting her:

“In our meeting many years later, and subsequent conversations, Keri never accused me of what she has said publicly. She insisted I was not violent. She did tell me her boyfriend and many others found out about our long weekend together and she said she was ashamed by that discovery. I am sorry for the embarrassment she recounted to me.”

The producer admitted that his past isn’t the cleanest, but he’s never been violent:

“I have made choices that have offended some of the women in my life. It’s not cool to be a playboy and a new consciousness understands this. Now, as I hear these voices, I do as well. Though never abusive in any way, my remarks were often cavalier and thoughtless, and for this I am humbled. I am a work in progress. I am human. The fact that I come from the world of music or a specific place or generation justifies nothing … I can sleep at night because I know who I am. And I know who I was. I never committed any acts of aggression or violence in my life. I would never knowingly cause fear or harm to anyone. For any women from my past who I may have offended, I sincerely apologize. I am still evolving.”

He concluded:

“As the dialogue progresses, let’s not lose sight of what’s truly happening, a shift in power and all that entails. I want that shift. It must lead to a space where women and also men can heal, even if it means attacking me. I remain an activist for women’s rights and all things unjust. This is my life’s work and journey, and God knows my heart. To all the #MeToo campaigns and women around the world, I support your healing and will continue to be an honest and imperfect advocate for the voiceless (including animals) and humanity as a whole.”

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Nov 22, 2017 4:07pm PDT

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