Oh, No! Disney, Idina Menzel, and Demi Lovato Are Being Sued Over Frozen‘s Iconic Song Let It Go!

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This is a not-so-good Thanksgiving surprise!!!

Everybody remembers the iconic song Let It Go, from Disney‘s hit movie Frozen… but what if it turns out that Disney ripped the song off from an international artist who originally recorded a VERY similar version in Spanish years before??

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Jaime Ciero is a Spanish-language performer who is now suing Disney, Demi Lovato, and Idina Menzel over Let It Go, alleging that the hit song is a direct rip-off of his 2008 hit Volar.

Ciero claims that his own song from nearly a decade ago was “a huge international success reaching millions of listeners and landing on numerous charts of the most popular, top-performing songs,” and that Disney must’ve known about it before they recorded their own version for the movie.

Now, he has filed a lawsuit against everyone involved: Disney (obvi), Lovato (for recording the single), Menzel (for recording the movie version), and others who were involved with the production and distribution of Let It Go.

If Ciero wins… he’s looking at a TON of money, considering how profitable both Frozen and its hit song have been.

But does the Spanish-language artist have a case???

Listen to both his song and Let It Go, and decide for yourself (below):


Share your opinions in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via WENN/Disney.]

Nov 24, 2017 12:04pm PST

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