CNN’s Chris Cuomo Could Not Care LESS About Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Royal Engagement!

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Not everyone thinks the upcoming royal wedding is newsworthy.

Namely, CNN‘s Chris Cuomo, who was visibly pained while speaking about Prince Harry‘s freshly announced engagement to Meghan Markle on Monday.

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As cohost Alisyn Camerota expressed an appropriate amount of guilty pleasure over the announcement, she caught a look at Cuomo’s “stone face” and paused her excitement.

After Camerota noticed just how little fucks her cohost had on the subject, Cuomo, who audibly sighed before the segment even began, couldn’t help but interject:

“This fascination with royalty, which is anathema to what our democracy is all about, has always boggled my mind a little bit. But I know this: Harry is a good man. He really focuses on those Invictus games. He’s really used his power, as ersatz as it may be, to do the right thing. So good for him. Any positive news is good news right now.”

The anathema?! Are we coming fresh off the Revolutionary War here?

There are bigger anathemas to what our democracy is all about these days, Chris, like the dummies currently running it — or those who categorically failed to predict who would be running it.

But because he’s thorough like that, the news anchor continued explaining his royal pains on Twitter, writing:

Sry, Chris, we can only take so many hard-hitting segments about Donald Trump destroying the country. We need distractions like the royal engagement or you in a form fitting T-shirt on the beach!

Watch the video (below) to see the CNN eye-candy’s hot take:

[Image via CNN.]

Nov 27, 2017 12:47pm PDT

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