System Glitch Leaves THOUSANDS Of American Airlines Holiday Flights Without Pilots!

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We never thought we’d say this, but… should’ve flown Delta.

Thousands of American Airlines flights are without pilots next month after a scheduling glitch allowed ALL pilots to take vacation over Christmas week!

While pilots loaded up their schedules with flights in early December, many opted to take days off around the busy holiday travel period simply because the system allowed it.

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But it wasn’t a miracle in gate 34 — it was all thanks to a computer error that, according to American Airlines captain Dennis Tajer, made the scheduling system go “from responsibly scheduling everybody to becoming Santa Claus to everyone.”

Speaking to CNBC, the pilot added:

“The airline is a 24/7 op… The computer said, ‘Hey ya’ll. You want the days off? You got it.'”

What was a Christmas miracle for pilots, however, turned out to be a holiday nightmare for the largest U.S. airline.

According to a rep, American is “working diligently to address the issue” by offering pilots 150 percent of hourly pay to work those dates. Spokesman Matt Miller explained in a statement:

“We have reserve pilots to help cover flying in December, and we are paying pilots who pick up certain open trips 150 percent of their hourly rate ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ as much as we are allowed to pay them per the contract. We will work with the APA to take care of our pilots and ensure we get our customers to where they need to go over the holidays.”

To all those passengers without a pilot to fly their plane: it’s not too late to book a Greyhound!

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Nov 29, 2017 5:35pm PDT

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