Matt Lauer & Today Reportedly Ignored NBC Execs & ‘Did What They Wanted To Do’

It's been going on for years!

There’s a reason so much went down at the Today show!

Sources tell TMZ for decades the daytime TV cast and crew regularly ignored rules coming down from the NBC execs, acting as their own entity separate from the rest of the network!

Matt Lauer included!

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It’s said what happened at Today most definitely stayed at Today, which we’ve only been starting to learn as more and more news comes out about Matt’s “inappropriate sexual behavior.”

And with the reminder of Ann Curry reportedly being pushed out of the show by her former cohost in 2012, NBC sources say Matt wasn’t shy about voicing how much he hated when she’d touch his arm on air.

Yet somehow his behavior was tolerated??

Still, as an insider spilled:

“They did what they wanted to do.”

It went so far as even an NBC News president being ignored about which stories to run, and even guidelines on footage restrictions wouldn’t be adhered to!

An NBC News source shared:

Today was astonishingly uncooperative with our other shows like Nightly [News] and Dateline.”


And adding to the atmosphere at the show, it didn’t help that most of the staff didn’t usually have reason to interact with most at NBC because of their late night hours. As one source described it:

“It [Today] was like a beehive where they only talked to each other.”

But with the morning show being a moneymaker, the behavior was just put up with. A confidante explained:

“They were in a knife fight every day with GMA and didn’t want to hear anyone trying to rein them in.”

Sounds like that behavior definitely won’t be able to continue if it has been!

A lot will be changing for the show we imagine, and the network!

[Image via Media Punch.]

Nov 30, 2017 10:47am PDT

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