The Rogue Twitter Employee Who Deactivated Donald’s Trump’s Account IDENTIFIED!

The so-called “rogue” Twitter employee responsible for deactivating Donald Trump‘s account is speaking out.

ICYMI earlier this month, POTUS’s page was taken down for 11 minutes by a customer service rep on his/her last day at the company.

Now, that person has been identified as German native Bahtiyar Duysak, who was in the U.S. on a student work visa.

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Sitting down for a video with TechCrunch released on Wednesday, Duysak opened up about whether or not he intentionally silenced the Prez’s account:

“In my opinion, it was definitely a mistake and if I am involved with this, I really apologize if I hurt anyone. I didn’t do anything on purpose but as I said, I had a wild time in America and I was tired sometimes and everyone can do mistakes.”

He added:

“I didn’t hack anyone. I didn’t do anything I wasn’t authorized to do├óΓé¼┬ª I didn’t do any crime. I just want to continue an ordinary life.”

Aw, poor guy. Ya done good, kid.

Ch-ch-check out everything he had to say (above)!!

Nov 30, 2017 10:14am PDT

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