OMG! Someone Conned RCA Into Sending Them Unreleased Britney Spears Music!

britney spears music stolen by fake manager

How awful!!

On Thursday, it was revealed that some con artist tricked Britney Spears‘ record label into sending out a bunch of unreleased music. How??

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Well, according to TMZ, it’s said the crook impersonated Godney’s longtime manager, Larry Rudolph. Apparently, the culprit went as far as to create an email account, [email protected], and requested that RCA Records send them (what was at the time) Brit’s unreleased tracks.

While the AOL account is in no way Larry’s email address, it’s said RCA got duped and happily sent along the songs — 49 digital files in total. DAMNNNN.

Per law enforcement, the baddie snatched 12 tracks intended for Britney’s album, Glory. Reportedly, RCA released the A-lister’s album shortly after the con. In case you forgot, Glory dropped in August 2016.

Thankfully — after obtaining search warrants in October ’16 and June ’17 to comb through AOL and Microsoft‘s records — the police have since unearthed a suspect. Supposedly, the wrongdoer is an attorney who’s studying intellectual property law at UCLA. However, the suspect and his attorney have vehemently denied the claims he manipulated Britney’s music out of RCA.

We’ll be sure to give you more updates on this situation as the case is still under investigation. Stay tuned!

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Dec 1, 2017 11:42am PDT

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