NBC Will NOT Be Sending Off Matt Lauer With A $30M Payout, Despite What His Lawyers Are Saying!

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At least he’ll get to keep that huge bag of sex toys.

Days after Matt Lauer‘s firing, it was reported his lawyers were gunning to get the veteran journalist a major $30 million payout.

But it looks like Lauer won’t be blessed with the same golden parachute as Bill O’Reilly — as the disgraced daytime host “will not be paid past his last day of work,” according to a senior NBC source.

In an article published Thursday, Page Six indicated that Lauer’s contract had been extended through the first half of 2019. His lawyers landed on the $30 million figure over the fact that Lauer was paid about $20 a year.

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Speaking with CNN, the senior NBC News source did not dispute that Lauer’s attorneys are cooking up a plan to get him paid, however, the source added the network would not agree to any such payout.

Lauer is likely out of luck in this case due to a morals clause contained in most TV news contracts, which gives a network some leeway in firing a pricey anchor for cause.

While these types of disputes could end up in court, sources close to Lauer told CNN they doubted he would play hardball with the network over this matter.

Based on the reports of his yearly salary, Lauer has already been paid over $100 million during his tenure at NBC — he also has multiple properties and other investments.

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Then there’s the fact that sending Lauer off with a cushy sum of money would go against NBC’s message of firing him in the first place.

That type of hypocrisy, as we know, is reserved for Fox News — which reportedly sent O’Reilly off with a $25 million severance payment after he left the network earlier this year amid a similar misconduct scandal.

Do YOU think Lauer will receive a payout?

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Dec 1, 2017 6:04pm PDT

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