Roy Moore Now Claims He Knows NONE Of His Accusers After Already Admitting Otherwise — While His Rep Wants You To Consider The ‘Non-Accusers’!

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Roy Moore is suddenly pulling a Mariah Carey on his accusers.

The Republican Alabama Senate candidate is now saying he doesn’t know any of the women who claim he pursued romantic encounters with them when they were minors, despite previously admitting to being familiar with at least two of them.

After the initial round of accusations came out, which included a woman claiming Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 14 years old, Moore’s response was to deny the underage assault allegation while brushing off the lesser claims.

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When he was interviewed by Sean Hannity on November 10, Moore admitted to taking “young girls” on dates when he returned from serving in Vietnam. In reference to accuser Gloria Thacker Deason, who claimed a then-34-year-old Moore provided her with alcohol on dates when she was 19, the politician said he remember her “as a good girl.”

Now, the embattled former judge is playing defence strategy straight out of Donald Trump‘s playbook: complete, contradictory denial!

Last week, the 70-year-old responded to an anti-Moore campaign featuring all of his accusers during an event in Theodore, Alabama, telling the crowd:

“Let me state once again: I do not know any of these women, did not date any of these women and have not engaged in any sexual misconduct with anyone. This is not only odd that things like this occur. It’s simply dirty politics.”

Yup, simply dirty politics. Just like going from faint recognition to… “new defense, who dis?”

After initially abandoning him, Republicans have returned to support Moore following the President’s official endorsement on Monday. Now, Moore’s campaign is working overtime to cook up a reasonable defense — and, well, let’s just say they haven’t found one yet.

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In an interview with CNN, campaign spokesperson Jane Porter defended her candidate by drawing attention to the “non-accusers” — women who have NOT been harassed by the judge over the years. She told Poppy Harlow:

“We need to make it clear that there’s a group of non-accusers who have not accused the judge of any sexual misconduct or anything illegal.”

Yup, Porter’s answer to the multiple charges of sexual misconduct swirling around Moore is to point out that there are women on this planet he DIDN’T prey on. See the incredibly idiotic defense for yourself (below):

Even Kellyanne Conway cringed at that one.

[Image via C-SPAN.]

Dec 5, 2017 2:41pm PDT

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