This Republican Senator Just Donated To Accused Child Molester Roy Moore’s Democratic Opponent!

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Score one for the right side of history. And the law. And any sense of decency left in the country.

Republican Jeff Flake went against his own party on Tuesday, not just denying his support for accused child molester Roy Moore but actually donating money to his opponent, Democrat Doug Jones.

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The junior senator from Arizona shared this slap in the face to Donald Trump, the RNC, and pedophile legislative hopefuls everywhere on Twitter, writing:

This isn’t a sudden change for Flake either, as Mitch McConnell‘s decision to say he’ll “let the people of Alabama decide” was markedly different from previously saying he believed the women.

Over a week ago Flake wrote:

Well done!

(Sad that the bar has dropped to applaud denouncing men accused of preying on 14-year-olds, but here we are.)

[Image via Twitter/YouTube.]

Dec 5, 2017 7:19pm PDT

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