John McCain Desperately Tries To Hit 3M Twitter Followers & It Hilariously Backfires — LOOK!

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RT if you wanna vomit.

Over the weekend, John McCain got heat for flip-flopping his position on the national debt by voting late Friday night in favor of the GOP’s controversial tax plan.

So, what’s a Senator to do in the days following such a betrayal to the American people? Focus on his Twitter numbers!

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Like an indie rapper trying to get noticed or your teen cousin who cares way too much about social media, the Republican told followers to “spread the word” so he could reach that healthy 3M.

On Monday, McCain — or, more likely an unpaid intern from Arizona State — tweeted:

Oh, people spread the world, alright — of how sad(!) it was that a respectful politician would care so much about hitting a Twitter “milestone” days after proving he doesn’t actually give a shit about the importance of regular order in the Senate.

On Friday, Democrats requested more time to review the nearly 500-page bill they received hours before the vote, but were denied the request. McCain, who dramatically called for “bipartisan support” for the health care bill earlier this year, was one of the 51 Republicans who voted in favor of the bill.

Not only did McCain’s Monday tweet trigger a storm of criticism, it completely backfired: the Maverick is now down to 2.98 million followers. See the outraged responses (below):

As we say to Donald Trump… think before you tweet, Sen. McCain.

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Dec 5, 2017 10:25am PDT

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