Harvey Weinstein’s ‘Low-Level Assistants’ Were Reportedly ‘Required To Procure Penile Injections For His Erectile Dysfunction├óΓé¼Γäó

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein surrounded himself with an army to keep his dirty secrets from being exposed.

A new report from the New York Times reveals the disgraced movie producer’s “Complicity Machine” — detailing all the coverups, collusion, and intimidation tactics Weinstein (and his colleagues!) allegedly employed to keep up his cycle of abuse. It’s no surprise to hear Weinstein utilized his close friendships with studio heads, agents, journalists, etc. to keep the act going and hidden.

Not to mention, the expos├â┬⌐ alleges that the filmmaker would force his assistants to obtain penile injections for Harvey’s erectile dysfunction. They were also given a “bible” with instructions on how to “facilitate” the exec’s meetings with women, and how to deal with phone calls from the producer’s second wife, Georgina Chapman.

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An excerpt reads:

“They compiled ‘bibles’ that included hints on facilitating encounters with women, and were required to procure his penile injections for erectile dysfunction. His lawyers crafted settlements that kept the truth from being explored, much less exposed. ‘When you quickly settle, there is no need to get into all the facts,’ said Daniel M. Petrocelli, a lawyer who handled two agreements with accusers.”

Weinstein often used his money and closeness with Democratic politicians to improve his image by proxy.

In the case of Hillary Clinton, magazine editor Tina Brown and Lena Dunham even reportedly warned the HRC campaign about accepting Weinstein’s support because of his known abuse of women. Unfortunately, Dunham believes the message was never relayed to the candidate.

Clinton’s lawyer, Robert Barnett, allegedly replied to their warnings in regards to a documentary that Harvey was working on with them:

“I am hopeful we can get a good price for this.”

Nick Merrill, the campaign’s communications director, said in a statement to the NYT:

“We were shocked when we learned what he’d done. It’s despicable behavior, and the women that have come forward have shown enormous courage. As to claims about a warning, that’s something staff wouldn’t forget.”

Referring to Dunham, the statement went on:

“Only she can answer why she would tell them instead of those who could stop him.”

Some other high-power people in Weinstein’s circle included Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Chairman and CEO of American Media David Pecker, and Creative Artists Agency managing director Bryan Lourd, among others.

For instance, Pecker, who runs American Media Inc. (The Enquirer) created favorable coverage of Weinstein as a “an untouchable ├óΓé¼╦£F.O.P.,’ or ├óΓé¼╦£friend of Pecker’ in the tabloid world.

As you can see, Weinstein engaged an entire network of people and power to maintain his abominable behavior for over three decades.

We highly suggest reading the full exposé HERE.

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Dec 6, 2017 10:26am PST

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