Alec Baldwin Doesn’t Want ‘Innocent People’ Hurt By Hollywood’s Sexual Misconduct Problem

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Not everyone in Hollywood is a predator, says Alec Baldwin.

On Thursday, the Donald Trump impersonator stopped by Megyn Kelly Today where he opened up about the sexual misconduct scandals plaguing Hollywood.

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While the former 30 Rock star wants guilty parties to “get convicted,” he worries “innocent people” will also be wrongfully accused. The actor confessed:

“I want to see the people who really did something get convicted, I mean I want the people who are the wrong, I want them to be punished… But I don’t want innocent people get hurt either.”

The 59-year-old also addresses his Wednesday tweet accusing late night shows of resembling “grand juries” who are out to accuse people — guilty or not — of wrongdoing.

“I do find that, that whole issue, which is a big can of worms to open up really, it is really, really tough, because you certainly want to see everyone who is guilty of something, who have done bad things, wrong things that hurt people, you want to see those people get punished… But I don’t want to see other people get pulled into that who ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ there’s a lot of accusations and no proof yet, I don’t want to see people to get hurt.”

Baldwin specifically mentions an incident that happened Monday when John Oliver got into a heated exchange with Dustin Hoffman over the actor’s sexual harassment claims.

“A lot of people by the way, they endorse that. They think that those hosts of those shows are perfectly, not only within their rights, but it’s very attractive or very necessary for them to be pressing this cause… I just don’t want to see people who are innocent get into trouble.”

Ultimately, Alec believes we all need to “treat people” better, and to be conscious of our actions.

“We need to have more understanding of where, how we treat people… Like someone said to me, if we are in a conversation and I talk over you, that is a mild form of bullying, if I don’t let you finish your sentence. And men do that to women all of the time.”

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Dec 7, 2017 4:09pm PDT

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