Australian Model Accuses Boyfriend Of Assault While He Is Suing For Extortion!

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Warning: Disturbing Imagery Ahead

On Wednesday, Australian model Lucy McIntosh posted a shocking photo on social media of her face covered in blood. In the caption, she says boyfriend and nightclub entrepreneur Mark Houston broke her nose and fractured her face.

That same day, she says she met with Detective Christina Strollo of the LAPD.

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She wrote on Instagram:

However, Houston says it’s all BS!

On the same day she posted the bloody pic, he filed a lawsuit with Los Angeles Superior Court accusing McIntosh of extortion, fraud, defamation, interference with prospective economic advantage, and theft. He is seeking unspecified damages.

According to SFV Media, Houston dated the model in 2016 and allowed her to live in his home rent-free because she had previously been in a relationship with an unnamed “successful musician” who was “sexually abusive.”

In September of this year, McIntosh allegedly sent Houston pics of her “bloodied face” and said he had “done this to her.” She also allegedly sent the snaps to others, claiming Houston “sucker-punched” her. It is unclear if this pic is the same one Lucy posted on Wednesday.

Allegedly, the model — who was once in a relationship with Russell Simmons — demanded via text that Houston give her a substantial amount of money or else she will go to the police.

Later, Lucy’s attorney allegedly asked Houston for $657,900.

Even though Houston reportedly has security footage of Lucy “looking flawless,” he apparently agreed to pay $9,000 for surgery. However, according to the suit, she continues to attack him with false assault allegations because he wouldn’t fork over the $658K.

What a sad situation.

[Image via Lucy McIntosh/Instagram.]

Dec 7, 2017 7:58pm PDT

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