Empire‘s Kaitlin Doubleday Gets Honest About Why She Went Up To Harvey Weinstein’s Hotel Room

kaitlin doubleday talks harvey weinstein experience

Kaitlin Doubleday has opened up about her Harvey Weinstein experience.

However, rather than focus on the specifics of the sexual harassment she faced, the Empire alum has chosen to reflect on how she ended up in the filmmaker’s hotel room in the first place. For a powerful piece in The Hollywood Reporter, the blonde actress discussed how Harvey preyed on her industry-caused vulnerabilities and got specific about why she placed herself in such a dangerous position.

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Upon reading the expos├â┬⌐s about the Hollywood heavyweight, Kaitlin was “shocked by the extent and frequency” of Harvey’s misconduct. She wrote:

“My story reads just like Ashley Judd‘s. A hotel room. Small talk about movies or books. Doing my best to avoid Harvey’s advances, from asking me to wait while he showered to giving him a massage. There were more requests, each of them increasingly vulgar.”

While she had been warned beforehand about Weinstein’s reputation, the man she met at the Inglourious Basterds premiere was “charming” and “surprisingly thoughtful.” Weinstein and Doubleday met for drinks at the Montage Beverly Hills restaurant. They had a pleasant sit down and nothing inappropriate occurred.

The pair stayed in touch, “like old friends,” so Kaitlin accepted another invitation for a meeting at the Montage. At some point during the dinner, Weinstein invited Kaitlin up to his hotel room to watch clips from Nine. As an actress who was struggling at the time, it was incredibly difficult for Doubleday to turn down the invitation. Kaitlin explained:

“As women, our careers are so different from our male counterparts’. We have fewer opportunities. We don’t make as much money. We are judged by our looks and are torn apart as we age ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ as if we have any control over time. And because of that, we aren’t afforded the same longevity as men. It’s sad but true. Women make decisions like the one I did for so many reasons. Women go into the hotel room because so many of the doors they see are closed. It can be tempting to enter the one that remains open.”

Well said. The El Lay native added:

“I went up to his room because I was desperate and had been, on some level, since I first started acting. I’ve had struggles with my appearance, self-esteem and self-worth. Harvey made me feel like he saw me for my intelligence and not for my body. That’s what breaks my heart about this experience the most. It feels so chilling when you believe you are being seen as an equal that you are putty in the hands of someone like Harvey, who will use those vulnerabilities against you.

I went up to that hotel room because I’ve been groomed to by the world, by the industry and by people’s expectations that an aspiring young woman can achieve success only with the help of a powerful man.”

How heartbreaking. Although Kaitlin shared that “it doesn’t have to be that way now,” she warned her female peers:

“But until the forces that hold us back are eliminated, women will continue to fall into the clutches of toxic masculinity.”

Fair point.

We couldn’t be prouder of Kaitlin for opening up about her experiences. Thank you for sharing.

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Dec 8, 2017 10:48am PST

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