THIS Is How Kim Kardashian’s Grandma Feels About Her Naked Photoshoots!

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Coolest grandma in the world!

On Thursday, Kim Kardashian posted a video on her website where she sits down with grandma MJ and asks her how she really feels about the K-family’s naked photoshoots.

In fact, Kanye West‘s wife just did one for KKW Beauty‘s new Ultralight Beams highlighters and glosses.

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The 37-year-old asks her grannie:

“Does that make you uncomfortable when I do photo shoots with my clothes off?”

While some grandmas might disapprove, MJ is totally fine with it! She says:

“Well, I think you like to be nude, all you guys, and half the people on the internet… It’s a thing now.”

In fact, Kris Jenner‘s mother “always wore a bikini when I was younger” because she “always liked to be free.” Showing off skin runs in the family, apparently!

Aside from wearing next-to-nothing, Kim and her grandma also share something else: both got married for a brief period of time when they were young. We’re looking at you, Kris Humphries!

MJ explains:

“We have so much in common. I mean, history repeats itself. I can’t believe it because I was married for two months at 18… Right out of high school, I was given an engagement ring the guy I had been going with for four years and then I just thought, you know, this isn’t really that much fun, you know? So I got out of it. Once you got married, you realized that, oh what did I do? You try to stay in there for a month or so and you think.”

You live and you learn!

[Image via Kim Kardashian West.]

Dec 8, 2017 3:03am PDT

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