A Definitive Breakdown Of Who’s Who In The Royal Family — WATCH!

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The royal family is filled with SO MANY titles.

While there is only one queen (Queen Elizabeth II, to be specific), there are several princes, dukes, etc. Now, we know it’s confusing to figure out who’s who in the royal fam, so we’ve created quite the cheat sheet for you. We mean, you’re welcome.

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If you’ve ever confused Prince William and Prince Harry with any other member of the House of Windsor, we HIGHLY suggest you watch our little video (below). We guess you COULD watch season two of The Crown, but who has time for that??

For fast facts about the royals, proceed (again, below)…

P.S. If you do have time to spare, you really should check out The Crown. The Netflix drama dropped it’s second season today (December 8)!

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Dec 8, 2017 8:17pm PDT

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