More Details Coming Out About Hannibal Buress’ Overnight Arrest — Latest Info HERE

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We’re starting to learn more about Hannibal Buressdisorderly intoxication arrest last night in Miami — what led up to it, what precipitated the cop to place him under arrest, and more.

According to TMZ, who obtained Buress’ arrest affidavit from the bust on South Beach, the arresting officer described a very detailed report in which Buress was drunk with blood shot eyes and “a strong odor of alcohol” coming from his breath.

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Things went downhill when Buress allegedly asked the cop to call him an Uber — smart move so Buress doesn’t drive home drunk, but maybe not the thing you should be asking a cop to do for you.

Tensions quickly rose, though, when the comedian started to become belligerent at the cop’s refusal to call an Uber.

Buress then apparently went inside a bar, leaving the situation, but the cop followed him and asked Buress to go home, citing the comedian as being too drunk to stay in public.

It was back when the two got outside where Buress started to “hurl profanities” at the officer, causing a crowd to form and creating this video that we posted earlier this morning in the original story (below):

The cop says he asked Buress to leave five times… obviously, that didn’t happen, and the officer was forced to cuff him and haul him off to jail.

Hannibal posted $500 bond around 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, and headed home.

What a night. What a mugshot!!!

[Image via Miami-Dade Corrections.]

Dec 10, 2017 5:59pm PDT

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