It’s Very Unlikely Harvey Weinstein Will Face Prosecution For The Alleged Rape Of Paz de la Huerta — Here’s Why…

harvey weinstein may not be prosecuted paz dela huerta rape case

Although Harvey Weinstein is currently under investigation for allegedly raping actress Paz de la Huerta, it’s now being said that a prosecution is very unlikely.

In case you forgot, the Boardwalk Empire alum accused the Hollywood heavyweight of raping her on two separate occasions in 2010. Even though detective Nicholas DiGaudio previously stated that there was “enough” evidence to arrest the producer for the alleged crimes, there are certain problems that have since arisen in the case.

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Apparently, since the allegations are more than seven years old, memory issues have come into play. Sources also told TMZ that the fact that Paz interacted with Harvey between the first and second alleged rape has caused some difficulties in the case. To make matters worse, while de la Huerta is vehement she told her therapist about the rape, it appears the counselor remembers their session a bit differently.

Per the webloid, THIS is what the therapist recalls from her 2010 chat with Paz:

“I recall you reporting to me a sexual encounter with Harvey Weinstein involving intercourse in your apartment in 2010 that resulted in you feeling victimized. I recall you telling me that it felt coercive to you and that you didn’t want to have sex with him, but felt you had to as he was a man of power and rank and you couldn’t say no to his sexual advances.”

While this is still deeply troubling, it isn’t enough to prove lack of consent between Harvey and Paz. One insider wanted to clarify that, even though the case may be weak, it doesn’t mean Paz wasn’t assaulted by Weinstein. Rather, prosecutors are wary of taking a case to trial which doesn’t meet the legal standard.

Intense stuff. We can only imagine how distressing this update is for Paz, thus, we’re keeping her in our thoughts during this time.

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Dec 11, 2017 8:09am PST

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