The Latest On Keaton Jones’ Mom’s Backlash: Not All Of Those Viral Social Media Posts Are Real!

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Will the real Kimberly Jones please stand up?

As we reported, over the weekend, a heartbreaking video featuring bullied Tennessee student Keaton Jones went viral, leading to an outpouring of love and support from several A-list celebrities.

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Unfortunately, the touching clip has also led to backlash.

Immediately after the video became an Internet sensation, social media users dug up unauthorized Facebook photos that appeared to feature mom Kimberly and her family posing with the Confederate flag.

As you surely know, the flag is widely regarded as a symbol of an extremely painful time for people of color in American history. As The Washington Post once said in June of 2015:

“Even to say that it’s about heritage not hate, is to recognize that for many people it is inextricably about hate. You can’t filter out the racism and leave what’s pure and historical in the flag, because that purity doesn’t exist. Some things are so primitively stained or tarnished by history that that can never be set side. The flag is a perfect example.”

But it wasn’t just about the problematic flag.

Additionally, she allegedly wrote a post two weeks after the neo-nazi rally in Charlottesville slamming “butt hurt Americans” who are “crying” over (what appears to be) racism.

As we’ve mentioned before, while these posts are not verified — and can no longer be verified as she has since deleted her Facebook page — they’ve been reported to be the real deal.

As for what’s definitely not real…

Earlier, we told you about MMA fighter Joe Schilling‘s sharing of an Instagram conversation with a user he thought was Kim — a convo that alleged that all Kim wanted was money for her bullied son. We made sure to note that while it was a big piece of the viral storm, it was NOT verified to be authentic. (In the since edited post, Schilling even acknowledges that @kimberlyjones_38 might be a “fake account pretending to be his mom.”)

Well now we’re even more sure it wasn’t real, as Keaton’s sister, Lakyn, has denied the account as belonging to their mother. The sister says the mother has a verified account, and it’s not the one featured in Joe’s post (more on Keaton’s sister later).

Furthermore, in an article published Monday afternoon, Fox News reportedly spoke to Kim via Instagram direct message who denies she is profiting off of her son’s torment. She reportedly said:

“I did not tell him that I would rather have donations instead of the help from celebrities.”

In regards to those pics with the Confederate flag, she reportedly said:

“I’ve taken that down for a reason.”

Kim also reportedly wrote in an Insta post:

“I love my kids: Ya’ll people do not know me or my family… Did y’all know that my son Keaton was spit on in school, picked on by teachers, that supposed to be there for him??? I’m guessing y’all didn’t because y’all wanna steady Judge me and say I’m using him for money that’s false.”

Of course, it’s unclear if Fox News spoke to her verified account or not as they didn’t provide the handle, which brings us back to Keaton’s sister.

She took to Twitter on Monday to confirm that Instagram account @kimberlyjones_38 (the one that spoke to Joe Schilling) is NOT her mom’s real page and ALSO says they have NOT set up a GoFundMe account:

So what’s going to happen to the GoFundMe accounts? According to TMZ, the one labeled “Stand Up for Keaton” — which has received over $58,249 in donations — has been put on hold to ensure that Kim is the beneficiary. The person who started the page does not know the family personally. A second page — which said it was started by Kim to fund Keaton’s Christmas presents — has been shut down due to fraud concerns. Again, Lakyn says the family hasn’t created any account.

What. A. Mess!!!

While the controversy continues to brew with confusing pieces of information, one thing is for sure — NO CHILD SHOULD EVER BE BULLIED!

[Image via Facebook.]

Dec 11, 2017 6:54pm PDT

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