Game Of Thrones Season 8 Script Leaks Tease A Pregnancy & A MAJOR Death — But Is It Real?

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Game Of Thrones fans just got a dragon-sized stocking stuffer straight from Westeros…

Season 8 spoilers! Well, potentially.

A mysterious Reddit user allegedly leaked several script pages from the HBO fantasy hit’s final season, along with dropping other information he/she claimed to have swiped from a production iPad.

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It’s unclear whether or not these leaked scenes are legit, but if so — they contain some icy spoilers!

The scenes include Cersei Lannister hatching desperate plan to defeat the White Walkers that are closing in on King’s Landing, along with a nice exchange between Tyrion Lannister and Bronn that contains one BIG spoiler: the death of Jaime Lannister!

The supposedly leaked script pages have the same format as season 7’s script leaks, and possess David Benioff and D.B. Weiss‘s writing style. We should also note this is coming from same source as last season’s leaks, which turned out to be the real deal.

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The anonymous insider, who passed on the info to a slightly skeptical Thrones subreddit moderator, dropped a few more gems about the upcoming season before deleting his/her account.

Additional spoilers include the deaths of a few minor characters and a major pregnancy! Check out more info from the leaker (below):

“Currently, there’s filming going on about Winterfell/the battle that takes place at Winterfell in 802 and 803, though there are sets that will double for other Northern castles. Also some scenes (or one scene, I don’t think it’s in the season that much) at Pyke.

Isaac [Bran] hasn’t filmed much, some scenes with Sam and Jon in what I imagine are the first few episodes. I know for a fact he at least makes it to Episode 5.

Dany is definitely pregnant. Emilia Clarke‘s really happy about that.

Pretty sure Podrick dies. I know Tormund dies. Also there’s some scenes with one of the Northern lords (I forget his name) fighting at his castle. I assume he’s a goner. And Bronn casually mentions Jaime’s death in that one page, so├óΓé¼┬ª

There were some redacted pages in the iPad, by the way, what I assume are really important stuff. A couple of pages after pg40 in 805 are not there, just have that little [omitted] at the top. And it’s not an omitted scene, because the pages after the [omitted]’s have nothing to do with what came before.”

Sounds legit to us! A Jon/Dany baby is the perfect excuse for the two to share the Iron Throne.

As for all the deaths… well, what else would we expect?

[Image via HBO.]

Dec 12, 2017 4:24pm PDT

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