Bullied Middle Schooler Keaton Jones & Mother Speak Out Following Online Backlash Over Confederate Flag Posts

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Keaton Jones and his mother are setting the record straight.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the young middle schooler and his momma, Kimberly, as allegations of racism have overshadowed their empowering anti-bullying plea. In case you missed it, the Tennessee student broke almost everyone’s hearts when he detailed the bullying he faced at school. Many A-listers rushed to social media to defend the young boy.

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However, as social media sleuths began uncovering more about the family, the Jones were linked to alt-right political beliefs as they were in photographs where the Confederate flag was featured. With many fake Instagram accounts painting the family in a bad light, the Jones chose to sit down with CBS This Morning to explain who they are and what they believe in.

On why Keaton wanted to make a video about the bullying, the youngster explained to CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann:

“I had enough of it. They had said that someone was going to beat me up in lunch so I texted my mom and I said ‘what do I do here?'”

And for those who’ve doubted the sincerity of his vid, Keaton made sure to note that the idea to tape his anti-bullying plea was completely his alone. Later, Jones revealed he never reported his peers’ aggressive behavior as he was scared the bullies would “for sure attack.” How awful.

In regards to the racism accusations, Kimberly noted that the pictures (which have since been removed) were meant to be “funny.” She added:

“The only two photos — the only two photos on my entire planet that I am anywhere near a Confederate flag. It was ironic. It was funny.”

Hmmm, we’re not sure what’s funny about a flag that represents the enslavement of a group of people, but, whatever. When asked if the photos had “anything to do with racist intent,” Kimberly vehemently responded:

“No. No. Absolutely not. I’ve said I spent most of my life being bullied and judged because I wasn’t racist.”

Be sure to watch their interview in its entirety (below). Hopefully, this is the last scandal the Jones fam faces in 2017.

[Image via CBS This Morning/YouTube.]

Dec 12, 2017 8:48am PST

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