Meghan McCain’s Insecurities Have Reportedly Led To Meltdowns & Outbursts Behind The Scenes At The View!

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Meghan McCain‘s time on The View has not been an easy one.

According to reports, John McCain‘s daughter’s emotional meltdowns and tears behind the scenes have left those in charge of the show concerned about unnecessary drama. So what the heck is going on???

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Per DailyMailTV, Meghan’s latest outburst on set came after her Republican peers accused her of being a part of the “fake news movement.” Supposedly, these allegations were made towards Miz McCain during a GOP-filled weekend party. The insult came as a result of ABC‘s decision to suspend reporter Brian Ross over incorrect reporting about Michael Flynn‘s guilty plea.

In regards to Meghan’s meltdown, one source spilled:

“She had this dramatic meltdown in her dressing room and kept saying that no one knows how hard it is to be on this show and be conservative.”

We mean, she does have a point. Not that we support McCain’s conservative views, but she is outnumbered when it comes to political debates. The insider continued:

“She kept going on and on about how the viewers don’t like her because she’s conservative and now conservatives don’t like her and saying she supports fake news… She just kept saying, ‘I just can’t win! I just can’t win.'”

C’mon, Meghan. You HAD to have known what you were signing up for. ABC is NOTHING like Fox.

Sadly, outbursts like the one mentioned (above) have become commonplace for the political scion. To make matters worse, it’s said the 33-year-old often spends her time reading social media comments about her appearance. Girl, don’t you know trolls live on the internet??

On the online hate, the tipster disclosed:

“She has broken down over viewers calling her fat. She broke down in the hair and makeup room one day talking about how people keep saying she’s lying about her age and how she looks old on the show… And another time she was hysterical after reading comments that said she is a privileged rich kid who only got this job and others because of who her daddy is. Now that comment had her go nuts.”

Oof. Things have also been tense between McCain and her fellow cohosts Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines. She teased that there was beef BTS when she only acknowledged Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar for their work on the show. The ladies on The View have also noticeably coddled Meghan when she complains about the difficulties of her conservative pundit role on the show.

The source quipped:

“The fact that she makes it to the table some days without cracking on air surprises a lot of people at the show. If you could see the tears and the tantrums off camera, you would wonder how she pulls it together each day.”

And it seems that Meghan has a very real fear about being replaced. For starters, the producers have allegedly dubbed her Elsa (from the movie Frozen) because she often comes off “cold and unlikable.” Not to mention, The View brought on CNN conservative commentator Ana Navarro to guest host while Whoopi was absent.

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Regarding Meghan’s fear that Ana was auditioning for her spot, the confidant noted:

“Let’s just say she was very threatened by Ana being there. It really annoys Meghan that the audience doesn’t clap for her and most of her comments fall on deafening silence when she makes them. She regularly blames that on her being the conservative at the table, but that’s not the case when Ana is there… Ana’s commentary often lands huge applause breaks from the studio audience and again, it really upsets Meghan.”

Yikes. ABC also shockingly downplayed Meghan’s recent marriage as they were concerned about aligning themselves with her scandalized writer husband, Ben Domenech. As you may recall, Ben was forced to resign from The Washington Post after he was accused of plagiarizing stories in various different publications.

Sounds like Meghan needs to either toughen up or hit the road. Sorry, bb!

[Image via The View/ABC.]

Dec 13, 2017 10:58am PDT

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