Andrew Garfield Candidly Discusses His Relationship With Drugs — Says There’s So Much ‘Stigma’ Surrounding The Word!

andrew garfield talks drug usage

Andrew Garfield isn’t afraid to talk about his drug usage.

In fact, the Hacksaw Ridge actor believes it’s time we reevaluate the stigma surrounding the word, “drugs.” The A-lister elaborated on his stance for his cover story for ES Magazine.

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Earlier this year, the industry vet controversially revealed that one of his favorite birthday memories was when he consumed weed brownies and went to Disneyland with (then girlfriend) Emma Stone. Clearly, Andrew doesn’t understand the fuss around his cannabis usage as he happily discussed it with the mag.

Although, Andrew made sure to note that his relationship with marijuana and hallucinogens is VERY different. He explained:

“The word has such a stigma… Weed, I can smoke because it’s just nice. But with hallucinogens, I have to do it in a very conscious way in a place where I feel free and safe and can have a freak out if I want to. I want to be able to express my insights.”

And the 34-year-old obviously enjoyed the outing with Stone and their friends, as he added:

“I really recommend it!”

(Please note, this is not OUR endorsement of cannabis usage.)

Perhaps the drug use has helped the movie star with his social anxiety, something he also copped to in the interview. In regards to the American-British actor’s anxious nature, Andrew relayed:

“I find it pretty overwhelming being in any social situation that involves more than five people, to be honest.”

Thankfully, Garfield has since found a home with his fellow thespians. The Spiderman alum continued:

“Outside of my closest friends and family, the theatre world is the place where I feel I most belong. It’s the most welcoming community that I’ve ever experienced.”

Awwwww. We’re glad Andrew’s found a community where he feels like himself.

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Dec 14, 2017 11:02am PDT

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