Taylor Swift Says She ‘Couldn’t Have Asked For A Better Year’ & Twitter Is Dragging Her Because 2017 Sucked HARD

Taylor Swift

2017 might’ve been a garbage fire for everyone else — but for Taylor Swift, it was great!

Now you know we love our girl T. Swift but continuing to ignore all the shitty things that happened this year under Donald Trump‘s command is just not OK!

We understand things like the travel ban or the fact that millions may lose healthcare or the glaring presence of racism in this country (the list goes on and on) don’t affect the high-profile singer directly — but this lack of acknowledgement from our culture’s most influential people helps keep these injustices in place!

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We get you sold over a million copies of Reputation, and that’s amazing, but people are suffering out here in the real world.

So when Taylor wrote on Instagram that she “couldn’t have asked for a better year”Twitter had something to say!

To catch you up, she shared:

Ch-ch-check out the brutal responses to the tone-deaf message (below)!



[Image via Macguyver/WENN.]

Dec 14, 2017 4:36pm PDT

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