Timothy Heller Opens Up About Coming Forward With Melanie Martinez Rape Allegations — ‘I Will Never Stop Speaking Up’

Timothy Heller

More on the Melanie Martinez rape allegations.

As we previously reported, Timothy Heller claimed The Voice alum got her high and sexually assaulted her during a sleepover back in 2015. While Martinez has since denied the accusations, she enraged fans by claiming Heller “never said no to what [they] chose to do together.”

The singer released another statement following he backlash saying her “intentions with everything that I do in my life are always pure and I would never be intimate with someone without their absolute consent.”

In a new interview with Buzzfeed, Heller opened up about her decision to come forward with her story, and what it’s been like since doing so.

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She explained:

“This incident has been bothering me for a while now. I’ve been going over it in therapy for a while now and was trying to really uncover what about it was bothering me so much. I started realizing the severity of the situation, and being someone who considers themselves a mental illness advocate I felt like I couldn’t keep quiet about this any longer, and that people deserved to know what really happened.”

As for the negative attention she received from Martinez’s fan base, Heller said:

“I prepared myself for the reaction that I have been getting. I knew what her fanbase is like, and I knew that it was going to be hard to swallow for a lot of the children looking up to her. I knew there would be those in denial, and angry at me for tarnishing the reputation of someone they look up to.”

When asked about fans’ allegations that Heller was lying because the dates in her story did not match up with her social media posts, she responded:

“I’m a human, it was 2 years ago, and it was a traumatic event. I may have gotten the date wrong but it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. If it hadn’t happened she would have stated that. I don’t know, it’s frustrating to feel like I need to prove myself to people who clearly have no sympathy for victims.”

Timothy went on to say she hasn’t heard anything from Melanie directly (except over Twitter):

“Melanie has not contacted me directly, just released 2 statements now on Twitter. There are hundreds and hundreds of people who support me and are messaging me thanking me for speaking up about this because they’ve been through something similar. That’s why I did this. After her first reply I just was given a sense of insincerity. The second statement is what really hurt me. Seeing her thank her fans for completely terrorizing and victim blaming me really stung. But in thanking her fans for dissecting my timeline, she implied that the whole thing was now a lie.”


“It’s been pretty overwhelming. On one hand, I want to speak up about this and not be silenced, but on the other, it really really hurts to see the things being said about me on the internet, sometimes I just need a break.”

With that said, she’s not done fighting:

“I do not want to be silenced about this. I think I’ve done all I can in trying to defend myself, and its just getting exhausting for me at this point, so I am going to try and step back from that and realize that there are going to be some people who are just never going to accept what I have to say. But I will never stop speaking up for people who have been abused and felt like they had no voice. I am going to continue to advocate for those with mental illness and abuse survivors as much as I can!”

That’s all we can do!

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Dec 14, 2017 10:16am PST

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