Two More Actresses Revealed As Part Of Alleged Sex Cult With Chloe From Smallville — And One Is Speaking Out!

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Yet another TV star has been reportedly identified as a member of what people are calling an abusive sex cult.

DOS, which stands for “dominus obsequious sororium” — Latin for “master of slave women,” — is supposedly the secret inner circle of self-help group NXIVM.

According to reports from members who have escaped, the organization gets women to become slaves who must get branded with a symbol which combines the initials K.R. and A.M. — presumably for cofounder Keith Raniere and — as we heard shockingly last month — actress Allison Mack from Smallville.

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Now Nicki Clyne, who played Cally on Battlestar Galactica, has been identified by The Sun as another high profile member of the “sorority,” which also requires women to submit nude or pornographic photos of themselves for “collateral” in case they try to leave.

The actresses, with their big fan followings and unthreatening demeanors, are allegedly used as recruiters for NXIVM, which after a few years, invites women in to DOS.

Here are Allison and Nicki together on Instagram, seeming totally normal:

This all may sound crazy. But actress Sarah Edmondson, whose voice you may have heard in My Little Pony among many other projects, has recently come forward as a witness in a complaint to the New York State Department Of Health.

She told ABC News she was a member of NXIVM for over a decade, going to 5-day seminars called “Intensives” since 2005:

“I left my five-day, my initial training as if a veil had been lifted. And I could see things more clearly in my life.”

Edmondson says in March she was approached to join the secret sorority for which she would be getting a tattoo.

She says she was one of five women inducted that night:

“[A woman] led us in blindfolded and sat us in a semicircle… buck naked, no clothes, on a sheepskin rug… Could that be any weirder? And we were all, ├óΓé¼╦£My goodness, what’s going on here? This is so weird!'”

That’s when they found out they weren’t getting a tattoo but a brand burned into their pubic area. Surprisingly, they all went through with it, despite the lack of anesthetic:

“The [first] woman on the table screamed out in pain, twisted and turned and yelled. And the woman I was with, holding her legs down, we looked at each other and we just wept.”

When Edmondson got hers, she says the pain was “worse than childbirth.”

“It was a horror movie. It was the most inhumane, horrific way to treat anybody. But the most horrific thing is that it’s women doing it to women.”

See more about the latest allegations (below):

[Image via Sarah Edmondson/ABC News/Instagram.]

Dec 15, 2017 8:13pm PDT

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