Omarosa Manigualt Did NOT Leave The White House On Good Terms — Juicy Details On Her Firing HERE!

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Living for this gossip coming out of our supremely dysfunctional White House — and this time, shockingly, Donald Trump isn’t even really involved in the dysfunction!!

As we’ve been reporting this week, Omarosa Manigault resigned was most definitely fired from her job in the White House by Chief of Staff John Kelly, but that is so far from the end of the story that it’s almost ridiculous.

She has a LOT to tell and it looks like she may be positioning herself for a tell-all book, or something.

Get your popcorn.

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It all started this week when Omarosa was told that her husband no longer had clearance to attend the White House staff Christmas party, according to an exclusive report in the Daily Mail.

That led directly to what sources are calling an “epic showdown” with Kelly, in which she blew up at him, swearing and yelling, and pretty much sealing her fate.

A source said:

“When she got word that her husband could not attend the Christmas party because his security clearance under her had been canceled already, she was outraged. She confronted General Kelly about it and that’s when the explosive altercation happened between them. She was embarrassed by that and it sent her over the top.”

The thing is, though, that Kelly was sick of Omarosa’s “abusive treatment” of other senior officials long before the blow-up this week, and he was already in the process of getting around to firing her… the Christmas party blow-up just pushed him to do it immediately on Tuesday night.

Being a relatively honorable man, Kelly agreed to let Omarosa say she “resigned” and that her last day would be January 20 — one full year of working in the White House.

But Manigault and Kelly did not part on good terms; and in fact, literally no other senior official in the White House liked her, either! Oops!!!

While Kelly saw Manigault as a “tyrant,” with an “air of entitlement,” other senior officials also had a strong distaste for Omarosa.

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One source revealed:

“The only reason Omarosa survived Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon and Sean Spicer is because the president protected her. They all had issues with her at one point or another, but despite their gripes about her and their desires for her to be let go, Trump always had her back.”

LOLz!! Of course Trump had her back — she’s a reality TV snake oil salesman just like The Donald himself! Birds of a feather flock together… well, at least in most cases they do.

Speaking of Trump, Omarosa tried to go see him after Kelly laid down the hammer on her White House career, but she was prevented from going into the President’ living quarters and eventually hauled off the grounds of the White House, allegedly being physically removed from the space (though Omarosa denies that this happened).

More from a source on her removal (below):

“This is a woman who showed up at the White House with her entire bridal party for an unplanned, unauthorized wedding day photo shoot. So, imagine her outrage when she was told that her husband could not come to the White House that evening for one of the holiday parties, she was pissed to say the least … She became disgruntled and she tripped the alarms [trying to get to Trump] and she started throwing obscenities.”

Oh, Omarosa…

Never change!!!

Sounds like she’s starting to prepare for that inevitable tell-all book coming in 3… 2… 1…

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Dec 16, 2017 11:59am PDT

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