Donald Trump Chose To Politicize The Fatal Amtrak Train Crash — & People Are PISSED About It!

donald trump amtrak response

Donald Trump just made a horrible train crash about himself.

As you may’ve seen, on Monday, several people were killed and numerous others were injured after an Amtrak train derailed while riding along a new route outside Tacoma, WA. First responders fled to the scene, where they found a train which had careened off a bridge and onto a highway below.

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Obviously, as this is a major catastrophe, many people responded to the news by sending out their thoughts and prayers. Not the president though! Instead, he took to Twitter to use the tragedy as an opportunity to promote his “soon to be submitted infrastructure plan.”

(Interesting that his team thinks it’s okay for this to be an opportunity to talk policy but not the countless mass shootings.)

The Commander-In-Chief wrote:

We’re certain SOMEONE in Trump’s administration alerted the President to how heartless he came off as, about 10 minutes later, he added:

The Trumpster is such a self serving narcissist. Unsurprisingly, Donald’s tweet has since been met with some backlash online (below).

Snap! Snap!

Although, at this point, why do we expect ANYTHING decent out of this man. *Sigh*

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Dec 18, 2017 3:26pm PDT

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