Kim Kardashian Forces The Bulk Of Her Family To Undergo Media Training — That & More In This KUWTK Recap!

Despite having been on the air for a decade, the KarJenners have only JUST received media training.

We learned this during Sunday night’s KUWTK as Kim Kardashian West had her famous fam sit down with some media experts to teach them all how to deal with the press. Well, this explains how the Kardashian-Jenners have recently danced around confirming TWO major pregnancies in the family.

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Thankfully, we got to see the media training used IRL as Kris Jenner sat down with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for a Hollywood Reporter profile. But we’ll get to that later on…

The episode also featured some sisterly tension as Khloé Kardashian butted heads with Kourtney Kardashian over a business opportunity AND Kendall Jenner got annoyed with Kylie Jenner while planning a party for their mutual friend. Ahhhh, rich people problems.

We’re sure we’ve Kaptured your attention, so let’s get into the specifics (below)!

As you surely know, Khlo├â┬⌐ and Kourtney workout together almost every day. When not together, the Kardashian ladies share their fitness routines on Snapchat. Thus, it wasn’t surprising to learn that the sisters considered launching a professional fitness video for their fans.

However, the idea eventually spiraled out of control, and the two ended up agreeing to work on a fitness line together. This forced KoKo to hit the pause button on her athleisure line with Good American. This, unsurprisingly, was a mistake as Kourt didn’t follow through with the idea.

At one point, Khloé complained:

“Kourtney and I are a nothing brand right now. We’re just not seeing eye-to-eye. Sometimes I love having a partner, but when you’re just not in sync, it’s a little frustrating.”

The sisters eventually sat down and discussed the situation. After Khlo├â┬⌐ told Kourtney she was planning to move forward with the Good American line, the mother of three gave her blessing and acknowledged that she isn’t “the fastest-moving person.” How self-aware of you, girl!

Video: Kim Gets Personal About Losing An Embryo

Following a successful media training session, Kimmie realized her whole family could use some grooming. So Keeks convinced Kourtney, Khlo├â┬⌐, Kendall, and momager Kris to sit down with two communication coaches. During the session, the coaches brought the heat as they asked the women to talk about everything from Kim’s sex tape to Kendall’s Pepsi ad to Rob Kardashian‘s social media outburst.

The media experts forced the KarJenner ladies to do both group and individual on camera interviews so that they could see how their EVERY expression is picked up. Unsurprisingly, the coaches worked with Kris on how to handle her estrangement from Caitlyn Jenner.

After Kendall admitted that she and Kylie “kept a lot” of Caitlyn’s secrets, Kris noted:

“There were things that happened that they didn’t tell me, because they were told not to… I’m not resentful about it, it just makes me really sad. Because I’m a protective mom ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ I would do anything for my kids. And had I known some of the things they were experiencing ├óΓé¼┬ª it just broke my heart, hearing some of that stuff.”

Oof. Kris also added that her ex’s memoir is “full of inaccuracies.” Oh snap.

When the attention turned to Kendall’s failed Pepsi commercial, the supermodel got quite prickly when discussing the controversy. On what went wrong with the ad, Jenner shared:

“There were a lot of things that were blinding me. A lot of people I had faith in, a lot of things I had trust in… I have learned so much over the last four years of my career. I’ve learned that the only person that’s ever going to truly, truly look out for me is me. It is really hard work.”

For being the most opinionated sister, Khlo├â┬⌐ actually did VERY well at handling the Rob questions. In an attempt to defend her brother’s bad behavior, Kardashian dished:

“Rob definitely wears his heart on his sleeve, and when he loves he loves really, really hard. With that being said, when he gets hurt, he hurts really, really badly.”

We ALMOST feel empathetic for the reclusive Kardashian brother. Next up, Kourtney tried (and horribly failed) to tackle questions about her dynamic with baby daddy Scott Disick. Essentially, Kourt just laughed through the whole process and gave up on actually trying to answer any Qs.

Overall, the fam walked away with some news skills.

Although Kylie was pretty much absent from this episode, she did cause some drama on screen. In fact, at one point during media training, Kendall stormed out because she was so annoyed with Kylie’s hijacking of a birthday party they were planning together. Eventually, the sisters worked it out as Kenny explained:

“It’s crazy because Kylie and I, there’s always something. We fought, and then she literally came over that night and helped me make a whole dinner for me and 20 of my friends. So we end up butting heads sometimes, but at the end of the day, she’s my sister.”


Kris was able to put her media training to use as she sat down with Abdul-Jabbar and answered questions about the “sexual nature” of her daughters’ content. She also weighed in on their influence on plastic surgery trends:

“If something ├óΓé¼┬ª makes you feel better about yourself, then why not? I think everybody has to make their own choice.”

Good answer, Kris!

Be sure to get more deets on Sunday night’s episode by taking a peek at the recap video (above)!

Dec 18, 2017 10:51am PDT

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