Mark Hamill & Ted Cruz Have An EPIC Twitter Brawl! PLUS Some Of The Other Strangest ‘Star Wars’ We’ve Seen On Social Media!

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It’s not surprising to see Ted Cruz finding new enemies. Even everyone in his party hates him.

But Mark Hamill?? The star of the number one movie in the country? LUKE FREAKIN’ SKYWALKER HIMSELF??

Video: The Last Jedi Cast Take A Star Wars Character Quiz ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ And Find Out They’re All Cast Wrong!

Yep. It’s just the latest crazy celebrity feud brought us by social media.

It all started when the Star Wars: The Last Jedi star gave FCC chair Ajit Pai a Twitter lashing for his insanely patronizing video calming everyone’s fears about the repeal of net neutrality (which happened to feature a cameo by a right wing pizzagate conspiracy theorist, btw):

That’s when Cruz decided he’d step in to try to school the Jedi master:

In any case, this is a completely spurious argument.

Google and Facebook and Netflix don’t own the bandwidth, they rely on the bandwidth. Like the American people, they will subject to the whims of the corporations that DO control the networks — namely Verizon and AT&T.

It’s like allowing a lumber company to have a monopoly, then saying “Hey, the companies that make pencils, toothpicks, and little wooden trains are against it, it must be bad for corporations!” Um, not for the lumber company!

Anyway, Mark went a funnier way with his response!

Wow, he’s wrong again. The FCC has been enforcing some form of net neutrality since around 2003, by fining bigger companies for “throttling” the net speed of smaller ones.

Before that, the technology (“deep packet inspection”) didn’t even exist to limit certain data over others.

In other words, since net neutrality was in danger, the FCC has been trying to protect it. Until Donald Trump and Ajit Pai anyway.

The second “fact” is a complete lie. Net neutrality is actually protecting people from having what they do regulated by huge companies.

Well, at least plenty of people were on Mark’s side. You know, the LIGHT side of the Force:

Believe it or not, a fight between a beloved sci-fi actor and a hated Texas senator is not the strangest we’ve ever seen…

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Dec 18, 2017 1:51pm PDT

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