Ex Today Show Staffer Spills More Tea About Her Affair With Matt Lauer — WATCH!

ex today staffer details matt lauer affair

More of Matt Lauer‘s dirty laundry is being outed.

As you surely know, amid the newsman’s ousting from NBC News for his “inappropriate sexual behavior” in the workplace, former Today show production assistant Addie Collins Zinone revealed that she had a month long affair with Lauer back in 2000. While she already shared her story with Variety, Addie stopped by Megyn Kelly‘s hour of Today to discuss her liaison with the 59-year-old journalist.

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Although the affair between Matt and Addie was consensual, Zinone told Megyn that the power dynamic between them ultimately made her regret the brief relationship — especially since she was only 24 at the time. Not to mention, Lauer was already married to his second wife, Annette Roque.

Despite having a professional relationship with Matt for most of her time at Today, things turned inappropriate when the (now) disgraced TV personality learned Addie had accepted a job in West Virginia. After some flirty messages and a sit down lunch, the two professionals made their relationship a physical one. Specifically, the pair had sex in Lauer’s dressing room.

Zinone recalled:

“I realize that sounds very naive and silly of me because I walked over there to do that. In that moment, I didn’t have anybody to sort of share my fears and confusion with, except for him. What am I going to say to people? This just happened.”

The sexual relationship lasted between Matt and Addie for about a month as the blonde journalist moved down south for her new job. She always assumed she wasn’t the only one to fall prey to Lauer’s ways as he engaged with her so “effortlessly.”

As to why she’s come forward with her story now, Addie explained that she hopes to help the victims “validate their claims.” And, while her relationship with Matt was consensual, he certainly preyed on the fact that she was leaving AND a mere production assistant.

She concluded:

“I’m seeing they’re being doubted. I thought, I have to validate their claims. I have to explain it in embarrassing detail because I want them to understand the commonalities in our stories. And to be able to identify the exact same behaviors and predatory behaviors. I recognize them in the stories that I heard. That’s how I knew with the behavior.”

Be sure to check out her FULL sit down with Megyn (below).

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Dec 18, 2017 11:38am PST

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