Meryl Streep Under Attack Yet Again — This Time By Posters All Over Hollywood Claiming ‘She Knew’ About Harvey Weinstein

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UPDATE 7:52 P.M. EST: It’s now reported that the artists behind the posters have been financed by wealthy conservatives in what appears to be a retaliation opportunity against Streep’s anti-Trump comments.

Just in time for Oscar season…

On Tuesday, posters featuring a photograph of Meryl Streep and Harvey Weinstein were spotted around Los Angeles. The phrase “She Knew” is written over The Post star’s eyes, implying she was aware of the producer’s alleged assaults.

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As seen on Twitter:

According to a reported statement obtained by controversial alt-right, the anonymous artists behind the smear campaign say:

“In her new film, The Post, Streep play-acts as a whistleblower… But in real life, she allowed hundreds of women to be assaulted. It’s the apex of Hollywood hypocrisy.”

Since word of Weinstein’s scandal broke out, the legendary thespian has released two statements to HuffPost saying she “didn’t know about [Weinstein’s] offenses.”

Streep released her latest statement on Monday in response to Rose McGowan‘s since-deleted tweet claiming the 68-year-old “happily” worked for the producer and stayed “silent” about his alleged abuses for years.

We don’t think Streep is the enemy here, but which woman do YOU believe?

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Dec 19, 2017 8:44pm PDT

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