Selena Gomez & Mother Mandy Teefey Appear To Unfollow Each Other On Instagram Amid Feud Rumors!

selena gomez mother mandy unfollow each other

Is Selena Gomez in an all out feud with her momma???

As we previously reported, last week, Mandy Teefey was taken to the hospital after she engaged in an allegedly heated conversation with Selly G about her rekindled romance with Justin Bieber. It’s said a family member called the police to do a welfare check on Gomez’s momma at a Los Angeles area hotel.

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While Mandy is believed to be out of the hospital and giving her daughter “space” to figure out her romantic life, it seems things have taken a petty turn on social media. On Monday, Teefey praised fans for paying tribute to the baby girl she lost via miscarriage and said that they were “the only ones who remember” Scarlett.

We should note, Selena was noticeably silent online about the anniversary of her mother’s tragic miscarriage. Stealthy fans then realized that Selena and Mandy were no longer following each other on IG. *Gasp*

See the evidence for yourself (below)!

selena mom feud

Not to mention, the 25-year-old was off with the Biebs in Seattle around the same time 13 Reasons Why — you know, the show Selena and Mandy executive produce TOGETHER — wrapped production on its second season.

Damn. This isn’t a good sign.

In case you forgot, rumors have circled for awhile that the former Disney darling’s loved ones do NOT support her reunion with the Baby crooner. Mainly, because Selena’s fam blame Justin for the Bad Liar artist’s stint in rehab. Eek.

Now this all might be circumstantial evidence, but we have an inkling that something dramatic is going down. Be sure to stay tuned for any and all updates!

[Image via Instagram.]

Dec 19, 2017 3:14pm PST

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