Bill O’Reilly Cites Clothing Company Conspiracy As The Reason He No Longer Fits In A Size XL — & Twitter Rips Him A New One!

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No matter how low he gets, there’s always someone after Bill O’Reilly.

First it was the leftist cabals that conspired to get the veteran journalist fired from Fox News. Now, it’s the sinister clothing companies that are hitting the disgraced anchor wear where it hurts the most: his body image!

On Tuesday, the conservative punit shared a “tip” to his Twitter followers to start ordering their clothes “one size larger than you are,” because those evil clothing companies have conspired to “cut back on material”!

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How is O’Reilly privy to this #SuitGate conspiracy? Because he no longer fits in a size XL!

Clearly, nothing else could explain why an unemployed, 68-year-old man suddenly went up a clothing size during the holiday season. It’s those damn leftist clothing companies — and probably Hillary Clinton‘s emails, too!

Needless to say, O’Frylly got mercilessly trolled for his delusional Tip Of The Day. See the funny responses (below)!

So, to all those who gain some pounds this holiday season: it’s not you, it’s your new clothes.

[Image via ABC.]

Dec 20, 2017 11:32pm PDT

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