Mariah Carey Fan Accuses The A-Lister’s Bodyguard Of Physically Assaulting Him — But She Doesn’t Know The Security Guard Involved!

mariah carey fan beaten up by bodyguard

We’re sure a bodyguard beatdown was NOT what this Mariah Carey fan asked for this Christmas.

Over the weekend, while at the A-lister’s All I Want For Christmas Is You show at Caesars Palace, MiMi superfan Yaniv Elharar allegedly witnessed security guards roughing up a fellow fan. When Elharar pulled out his phone to record the altercation, he claims the security detail turned on him.

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Specifically, one of the paid protectors smacked the recording device away and punched Yaniv twice. In photos obtained by TMZ, it’s clear that the fan was struck in the face, chest, and ribs. How awful!

Per Yaniv, he can’t recall much from the scuffle — and that’s probably because of the beating he received!

Regardless, after being chased out of the venue by the guards, the Mariah stan reported the incident to the Las Vegas Police Department. It’s said they’re investigating it as a misdemeanor battery.

Unsurprisingly, the chart topper is trying to distance herself from the scandal as her reps have since claimed that the beatdown did NOT involve any member of her personal security team. In fact, Camp Carey defends that the guilty security guards are staffed by the venue.

A YouTube account claiming to be Mr. Elharar shared what seems to be footage of the security detail getting rough with one of Mariah’s lambs. In addition to uploading the video, the caption read:

“Security guard punched me in the chest and ribs at the @mariah Carey in Vegas . All I did is film him attacking a fan and he grabbed my phone and started punching me I ended up in the ER with high blood pressure and a contusion I am emotionally physically and spiritually Traumatized #ArrestTheBodyguard #BrokenLamb #AwfulHoliday #IDeserveAnApologyFromMariahCarey”

The same account shared several additional vids featuring an emotionally distraught fan. Be sure to ch-ch-check them out (below).

Intense stuff. Hopefully, this whole dramatic situation can be sorted out so that everyone walks away feeling merry!!

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Dec 20, 2017 2:43pm PDT

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