Damn — Harvey Weinstein Probably Won’t Be Charged With A Crime In Los Angeles

harvey weinstein probably wont face charges los angeles

Harvey Weinstein‘s team must be very happy about this.

According to recent reports, it’s believed that Harvey will NOT be charged with a crime following his decades of sexual misconduct. How? What? Why?

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Apparently, law enforcement sources close to the open cases against Weinstein told TMZ that detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department are working hard to uncover any evidence against the filmmaker — but they’ve yet to come up with anything of substance. Ugh.

It’s said that there are numerous problems with the different cases against Harvey. The insider explained:

“It’s all one-on-one. The woman says she was sexually assaulted or raped and he denies it. Even if the woman told others after the fact, it’s just not enough.”

Not to mention, the fact that many of these alleged attacks took place YEARS ago makes it incredibly difficult for those in the Sexual Assault Section to unearth evidence. Another tipster noted:

“If there was video of a woman leaving Weinstein’s hotel room crying, that would be powerful, but most of the hotels back then didn’t have video and if they did, it was erased a long time ago.”

To make matters worse, the investigators don’t have any medical evidence to link Weinstein to the various assaults. And, we’ve all seen Law & Order: SVU, medical evidence is EXTREMELY helpful for prosecutors. Thus, it isn’t surprising that the sources claim the District Attorney is likely to reject the cases outright.

This means Harvey probably won’t even have to face a misdemeanor prosecution. Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer will be disappointed to hear this, as his team was reportedly itchin’ to prosecute in order to “make a point” against sexual misconduct.

We kind of expected this legal update as, just last week, it was reported that Harvey will probably not face prosecution for the alleged rape of actress Paz de la Huerta. Although, police departments in Beverly Hills, New York, and London all have ongoing investigations against the controversial producer.

So, really, anything could still happen! Stay tuned!

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Dec 22, 2017 8:54am PST

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