Ivanka Trump’s Jewelry Line Allegedly Involved In $100 Million Money Laundering Scheme!

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Remember how Ivanka Trump suddenly canceled her jewelry line back in March?

You may not as it followed closely on the heels of a much bigger story, when Kellyanne Conway (and later, Donald Trump himself) gave her fashion line free advertising during a news segment.

After claiming a spike in sales, the company quietly said no more fine jewelry with an enigmatic statement we couldn’t quite get our heads around.

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Well, now we may finally have an answer why Ivanks wanted to distance herself from the brand — it may have been part of a massive money laundering scheme!

Thanks to a new report in GQ, who reviewed filings in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, we now know the Commercial Bank of Dubai got permission to subpoena the jewelry line, which it claims is part of a scheme to launder $100 million.

The allegation basically goes like this:

The Al-Saris, a family of Emirate oil traders, borrowed $100 million from the bank, then claimed not to have it when it was time to pay back the loan. But actually they just hid it by purchasing diamonds from Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, as well as real estate in Las Vegas.

Ivanka’s former business partner Moshe Lax, who launched the business with her about 10 years ago (and also introduced her to Jared Kushner!), said about the claim:

“They might have bought a piece of fashion jewelry at our former boutique. We will fully comply in verifying and providing info the court might ask from us.”

One piece of jewelry. Right.

Diamonds are a common way to launder money, as you can spend a ton on them, then easily hide or transport them, then sell them again without much, if any, depreciation in value.

NOTE: This is at least the fourth time a Trump business has been linked to a money laundering scheme. Probably just a coincidence.

[Image via Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry.]

Dec 22, 2017 4:15pm PST

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