Roy Moore Is Now Going After Doug Jones’ Gay Son!

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What would it have looked like if Donald Trump had barely lost the election instead of barely winning?

We may be getting a little peek into the world that might have been after this month’s special senatorial race in Alabama.

Not only has alleged pedophile and Republican National Committee-endorsed candidate Roy Moore failed to concede to winner Doug Jones 10 days later, he’s also blaming everyone else — and going after Jones’ family.

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On Thursday, he (or his staff, we suppose — thanks for all that funding, RNC) posted something disturbing to his official Facebook page.

It was a link to an article about Jones’ son Carson, a hot gay zookeeper, which has since been deleted but was screen-grabbed by several sources first:

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The link had no comment accompanying, so Moore wouldn’t technically be in violation of any online bullying policy.

But considering the source, a candidate who think homosexuality should be illegal? Certainly there’s no GOOD reason for this man to post about Carson.

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At best he’s trying to insult the Jones family by pointing out they have a gay son. (Something ignorant people still think is going to be a slap in the face.)

At worst though, he could be pointing his followers in the direction of a new target for their online ire.

But maybe it’s just a reminder to his supporters of the kind of man who beat him. A man who *gasp* still loves his son and didn’t make him undergo conversion therapy or throw him in jail and also never molested any underage girls.


Disgusting, horrible man, PLEASE GO AWAY!

[Image via Instagram/YouTube/Facebook.]

Dec 22, 2017 6:59pm PDT

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