The Late Scott Weiland Has More Debts Than His Estate Can Likely Pay For

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Scott Weiland had so many outstanding debts when he died that his estate may not be able to foot the bill.

Mary Weiland, the ex wife and estate administrator for the late Stone Temple Pilots frontman, filed documents claiming the rocker’s debts severely outweigh the value of the estate.

Though Scott’s property is still being appraised, the running value is $561,846 — significantly less than the sum still owed to creditors, which includes a claim by City National Bank for $691,971.

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The docs also make it clear that Scott’s widow Jaime Weiland has no interest in the estate because she had a prenuptial agreement with Scott, who died of an overdose in December 2015. All of Jaime’s debts are reportedly settled.

Mary, on the other hand, remains in a sticky situation. Though she thinks the estate may end up being estimated around $2 million once the appraising is complete, she is still unsure if that will be enough to settle the singer’s unpaid bills.

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Dec 22, 2017 3:29pm PST

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