Comedian Sued For Sexism Over ‘No Boys Allowed’ Show!

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When we first heard about a lawsuit aimed at standup comic Iliza Shlesinger for doing a girls-only show, we thought it was merely some more dumb man-baby bullshit.

But the more we see from George St. George‘s suit, the more it seems downright offensive!

In his lawsuit, St. George claims he bought two tickets for Girls Night with Iliza — No Boys Allowed — and was told he would have to sit in the back because it was a women-only show. Then he and his friend left for dinner and returned to find the theater had decided instead not to allow men at all, immediately offering St. George a refund.

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In the suit, attorney Alfred Rava — who according to The Hollywood Reporter is making a career filing cases about discrimination against men, including a suit against the Oakland A’s for giving hats away for Mother’s Day — compares what St. George went through to the Civil Rights movement

He says the night “can best be described as akin to the Montgomery City Lines bus company in Montgomery, Alabama circa 1955.”

He also quotes George Orwell, compares the event to holding a “Caucasian Night,” and says the show “repudiated hundreds of years of women’s struggles to be viewed as being equal to men and is typical of old-fashioned sexism that might also advise a young woman that her best chance for a happy life is to ace her home economics class and learn how to make a queso dip from Velveeta to catch a good man.”


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Shlesinger has not publicly responded to the lawsuit (she’s busy entertaining the troops at the tail end of a USO tour at the moment) and indeed may not legally be allowed to comment at all.

But we will.

It is gross to compare a couple guys not being let into what is clearly labeled a “No Boys Allowed” show to systematic racial oppression, to compare a few minutes’ inconvenience to the violent, often deadly backlash to the fight for equal rights.

Women are not the ruling power subverting the will of second-class men. Women are in fact, the oppressed, and also the heckled, harangued, harassed, and intimidated here, and if they want a few damn minutes without having to worry about what men will say or think, it’s not a lot to ask!

St. George is asking for unspecified “damages.” Ugh.

What do YOU think of this lawsuit??

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Dec 27, 2017 7:55pm PST

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