Former Miss Americas Blast Organization’s Request In Search For New Leadership & Call For All Board Members To Resign In New Petition!

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Former Miss Americas are NOT about to clean up the organization’s mess — not after board members protected executives who exchanged emails so crude, you’d think they were on an Access Hollywood bus with Donald Trump.

In fact, former winner Mallory Hagan said the board of directors’ request to help them find new leaders is so insulting, she’s laughing at it!

As we reported, former CEO Sam Haskell resigned from the organization after leaked emails showed that he and other now-resigned execs routinely mocked the bodies and sex lives of former pageant winners. Not to mention, laughed when a writer called them c***s.

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In attempt to make up for the trash talk, the board of directors said it wants former Miss Americas and state directors to help in the search for new leadership, asking each on Wednesday to nominate four people to serve on a search committee that will also include multiple board members.

To the board’s dismay, however, Hagan did not take the offer as an honor, but as “an insult to every Miss America and volunteer’s intelligence.” She crowned the request as nothing but a shrewd attempt by the “complicit” board members to save their jobs, telling The Associated Press on Thursday:

“Implying that the complicit members of the current board will now choose the new leadership for the forward movement of the Miss America Organization is laughable. I will not stop until Miss America is led by the people who embody the morals and values that the organization holds dear.”

Hagan added that the current board were presented with the appalling emails by Haskell back in September, but stood by the former executive chairman and expressed “full confidence” in his leadership.

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Now Hagan and other former winners are renewing their calls for the board to step down completely. Former Miss America Gretchen Carlson echoed Hagan’s sentiments on Twitter, claiming the only way to save the organization is for it to clean house:

Carlson, like Hagan, also asked for fans to sign a petition calling for the removal of all Miss America board members. The petition is currently just a few hundred signatures shy of it’s 7,500 signature goal.

It’s unclear if the board will go through with its plans to form a search committee if the winners do not participate. But they asked for the winners’ input, and they sure got it!

Ch-ch-check out a video post made by Hagan (below) for more details on the messy situation.

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Dec 28, 2017 5:00pm PST

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