Roy Moore Now Suing Alabama Over Alleged Voter Fraud In The Special Election He Lost — But State Officials Aren’t Buying It!

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UPDATE 3:44 P.M. EST: It’s officially official now. Doug Jones has been certified. Sorry not sorry, Roy Moore!

You didn’t think getting rid of Roy Moore would be that easy, did you?

Weeks after losing the U.S. Senate race in a stunning special election, the accused child molester filed a lawsuit to try to stop Alabama from certifying Democrat Doug Jones as the victor.

The complaint was filed late Wednesday, 14 hours before the meeting of Alabama’s canvassing board to officially declare Jones the winner of the special election.

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In the court filing, Moore, who lost to Jones by about 20k votes, said he believed there were irregularities in the election. The former judge is calling for not only a fraud investigation, but a NEW election!

His attorney wrote in the complaint:

“We call on Secretary of State Merrill to delay certification until there is a thorough investigation of what three independent election experts agree took place: election fraud sufficient to overturn the outcome of the election.”

One of Moore’s “experts” includes conspiracy theorist Richard Charnin, who believes the 2004 presidential election and 2016 Democratic primary were also rigged. In Moore’s case, Charnin allegedly found “irregularities in 20 precincts” of the state’s Jefferson County, which were apparently “enough to reverse the outcome of the election.”

But state officials saw things a bit differently: not so much a case of rigged election as one of sore loseritis.

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Speaking with CNN on Thursday, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill said his office had already received over 100 reports of voter fraud and had adjudicated more than 60. One complaint, Merrill added, claimed to be about a nonexistent town — a report the State Secretary called “a flat-out lie.”

So despite Moore’s cries for a do-over, Merrill confirmed state officials would be moving forward with certifying Jones as the winner on Thursday.

Merrill revealed he would meet with Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and state Attorney General Steve Marshall on Thursday afternoon to certify Jones’ win, adding that Jones would be sworn in when the Senate returns in January.

It looks like Moore will be forced to deal with a shitty, embarrassing situation he didn’t consent to. Now he finally knows what his accusers went through!

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Dec 28, 2017 10:58am PDT

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